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Gifts for the Person Who Already Has Everything

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We have all tried to find the perfect gift for that person who just seems to have everything. Every year you dread shopping for them. It just takes something extra special to knock this kind of a person's socks off and frankly that can be a tall order. Luckily the 2012 StarWebMalta Holiday Gift Guide is here with plenty of incredible gift ideas -- 80 in fact. Here is a peak at some of the most extravagant picks from each section of this year's Gift Guide.

For Him: Ultimate Cellar Makeover

Cellar Advisors will bring in their skilled team to any cellar, conducting a full organizational makeover. During the process, Cellar Advisors will accumulate wine data on the collection, including critic scores, purchase history, tasting notes and market values, and then upload them to an online database giving each bottle a bar-code label for easy scanning.

For Her: JetSurf Factory GP 100 Model

Jet Surf makes unique luxury surf boards that feature an integrate carbon fiber hull and engine. You don't even need waves to ride these boards.

For Him: Marchi Mobile

The Marchi Mobile is unlike any mobile home ever seen. Incorporating biomorphic shapes into its design, this luxury motor home has automatic controls, a liftable flybridge lounge and light lacquering so it can shine at night. Offset the 3 million price tag with its reduced fuel consumption of 20%.

For Him: Uwerk UR-210

Based in Geneva, “haute horlogerie” watchmakers Urwerk claim that the UR-210 is partly human. Made of titanium and steel, it is a precision watch nonetheless. Features a world-first complication for winding efficiency that is interactive with the user. Indicator lets you see consumed and generated energy.

For Her: Alchimie Hermes

When you cannot decide which Hermes bracelet to wear, why not wear them all? The Hermes Alchimie bracelet is a cluster of different styles in rose gold and 4.73 carats of diamonds. Meant to evoke movement, it is a stunning combination of the Collier de Chien, Kelly, Mini Clous, Sellier chain bracelet and Chaine d'Ancre Enchainee.

For Her: Strut Launch Port

The pedestal included in the system charges the iPad whenever it is docked, allowing you to use it without the hassle of wires. Powerful neodymium magnets attach the iPad securely, even if it is knocked into. These docks are hand-crafted from stainless steel and come in chrome, gloss white and matte black finishes.

For Him: X Golf Simulator

Considering the time and money it would take to play nearly 100 famous golf courses around the world, the XGOLF simulator is quite the deal. Using a precision sensor system along with XPLATE and XBALL technology, owners can enact realistic game play anytime from a home or office.