Importing Vehicles

Importing Vehicles to Malta

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1.     What is the legislation covering the import of vehicles?

The Registration and Licensing of new and used vehicles procedures & documentation – 2009


2.     Can I import a vehicle into Malta?

Yes you can, but whether you can then use it depends on your residency status.

a. If you are a tourist, your vehicle can remain in Malta for 6 out of 12 months, and keeps its foreign number plates. (5a below actually mentions 7 months). Maltese residents (i.e. not just Maltese citizens, but anyone who has declared Malta to be their residence) cannot drive any vehicle displaying foreign number plates.

b. If you are resident in Malta, you cannot drive your imported vehicle until you have registered your car in Malta. By applying for an ID card, you have declared that you are resident in Malta. The legislation gives you 7 days to apply and fines of € 30 per day afterwards (see 1. above) In reality, it seems you are given 15 days to start the registration process.


3. How much does it cost to register an imported car?

In the case of private vehicles, registration tax is calculated upon the CO2, Particulate Matter (Diesel engines only) and Length. There is also a minimum tax on used vehicles (including electric and hybrid electric motor vehicles) imported from third countries (non EU), which ere manufactured more than 4 years ago. The minimum tax was abolished on 01/01/09 for M1 vehicles less than 4 years old, or of any age if imported from an EU country.


4. What is the procedure for registering a vehicle?


5. Is anyone exempt from paying the registration tax?

Exemptions and Relief from Vehicle Registration Tax

This link covers the following categories, and explains the eligibility criteria in each case.

a. Motor Vehicle brought temporarily into Malta

b. Motor Vehicle brought over by a person under a works contract

c. Motor Vehicle brought over by a person pursuing his studies in Malta

d. Motor Vehicle brought over for demonstration purpose eg. Motor Vehicle brought over on transfer of residence


6. What documents are required to register a vehicle?


7. Where can I get the registration forms?

This link covers

VEH 01 Registration Declaration form in terms of MVR Chap 368 - New & Used Vehicles

VEH 02 Licensing Declaration form - New & Used Vehicles

VEH 03 Registration and Licensing deposit form

VEH 04 Inspection form - New Non-EU Vehicles

VEH 05 Inspection form - Used Non-EU Vehicles

VEH 09 Registration form - Mini Motos / Light Quadricycles

VEH 15 Application for Vintage

VEH 25 Registration & Licensing form - Online


8. Where can the Registration Value (RV) of vehicles be obtained?

For new vehicles, the registration value is the cost including insurance and freight (if applicable) as shown on the invoice when the vehicle is brought into Malta. Therefore the registration value is available at the vehicle importer or dealer. A new motor vehicle means a motor vehicle, which has never been registered in any country.

For old vehicles (more than 12 months old), the valuation system is available online from the Vehicle Valuations page on the site

The RV of vehicles not new, but less than 12 months after date of 1st Registration will be subject to a % increase for every remaining month till the 12 month period lapse.


9. Car Registration Process - Unofficial Users Manual

Please bear in mind the manual is from Feb 09, only a few weeks after the new process was put in place, so some aspects may have changed.