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Wow wedding fever… every bride has to go through it at least once in her life! Yet it’s not just the bride that gets infected, it’s the whole family, in one way or another everyone gets the jitters. It’s no easy task to unite different families, cultures, traditions and all types of people in one harmonious strive to form a marriage. That’s why it is more than logical and practical to call in the big guns and hire a wedding planner and get all the help one can get from anyone who is willing to do so.

A wedding is the most important day for any woman and since everything needs to be perfectly organized to a tot, it takes a lot of energy and imagination and funds to do so. Every woman from when she was a little girl has planned her wedding day over and over again in her mind and by the time she is a woman she has it all planned out to the minimal detail. From her dress, right down to the thank you notes. So keeping that in mind a wedding diary is in order, and planning is a must.

First I suggest that a wedding should be organized at least a year before. Once the couple has decided on the date the first thing to work on is the venues, for the actual marriage ceremony and the celebration afterwards. Before booking the couple must explore the area for the most convenient venue depending on the number of invites and of course their budget. Next in line is the concept of the wedding and an endless choice of themes begin. Depending on the season and venue and also the couple’s ideas, an appropriate theme is prepared. The preparation for the theme chosen most of the times depends on the family culture, religion and the couple’s tastes.

Once the theme is chosen next step is the wedding gown and all the attire for the bridal party. This includes wedding gown, veil, tiara, garter, bridesmaids dresses, mother-in-laws’ dresses, headdresses, shoes, etc. Let’s not forget the gentlemen suits, shoes etc. Next in line, in tune with the theme chosen, comes the preparation of the invitations, souvenirs, thank you notes and table placing if it’s a sitting down wedding.

Wedding gifts are indeed a pleasure when you are at the receiving end but for the guests it’s hard work. When selecting a wedding registry it is always advisable, thoughtful and tactful to select one that is suitable for all pockets. Registry items have varying price ranges and they make life easier for the invited guests to choose gifts.

Flowers and embellishments to adorn both venue and church are in order and the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets and corsages as well as the buttonhole for groom and the rest of the gentlemen that form part the bridal party. Buttonholes for the best man and groomsmen are generally made to match the bridesmaids’ bouquets, but once again the groom is welcome to put his own stamp on this side of the flowers - maybe something that is unique and special.

The catering has to be of the best level and approved by the couple in advance. The wedding cake customary being the heart of the wedding venue, has to complement the theme and culminate the couples’ taste in status, a work of art! It has to be, and rightfully so since it will be the centre of attraction where all family and friends will gather and rejoice the couple.

The bridal car and all other transportation required for the special occasion have to be planned and booked at least six months before, as well as the experts responsible for the photography and wedding video. Souvenirs and other gifts have to be both and carefully prepared to be distributed to the guests

When the big day starts getting closer, the couple must decide on the witnesses, best men/women and ushers, family members and friends who they would like to read for them during mass. Music for the church and venue plays a great part in complementing the couples’ chosen theme and do well in creating enhancing the atmosphere surrounding the whole issue.

The last few days before the big day there should be everything falling into place like pieces in a puzzle and while the major items are being taken care of, invitations have been delivered and the current issues need to be revised. This includes grooming for the female entourage - hair, make-up and nails, same goes for the gentlemen, well at least when regarding the hair.

It is customary that the groom and bride have their respective pre wedding parties to say their goodbyes to their celibate days and move on to being a happily married couple. During the hen’s and bachelor celebrations many a tale has been told but my suggestion is to keep things in a mild setting to avoid complications in the main event which the couple would have been preparing for  and let nothing spoil this special day.

With regards to duties and other, here is a brief guide:

·      The bride has to prepare gifts for her maid of honour, bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys as well as the nuptial ring for groom and his gift.

·      While the wedding ring for the bride and her gift, groomsmen and usher gifts, are all traditional expenses to be paid by the groom.

·      Wedding vows are again a choice for the couples celebrating their nuptials.

·      Walking the bride and giving her away is a father’s loving duty and helping with all preps is a mother’s greatest pride and joy. The father of the bride who pays for all the wedding expenses including the attire, venue and celebration, but this is not always the case depending on the arrangements done before hand and on the families social and financial status. Nowadays modern couples pay for their own wedding.

·      Best men/women duties are to make sure all is in ship shape order and he/she has to give a speech at the ceremony.

·      Witnesses have to stand by their respective bride or groom at the altar bare witness of the happenings and offer their support on this special day.

·      Placing the family in the right pew seating order is the ushers’ job the church has to be informed of the number of attendees and the couple have to decide on the priest, and then on the type of ceremony they would like and the various reading. 

·      Master of ceremonies has to work hand in hand with the wedding planner and deliver the best his venue can offer and if his job is done well it will be a memorable wedding.

To conclude my article I must say that there are a million and one details to heed while preparing and planning a wedding, too many to list in detail in this article. In other article I will elaborate on certain aspects of the wedding buzz and speak about wedding etiquette and traditional and non traditional ones, weddings on a budget and Maltese weddings and more.