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Whether you want to lose weight or fight the signs of aging, the StarWebMalta Health category focuses on helping you live a healthier, flawless and stress free lifestyle.

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Men's Grooming

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ANTONIO'S BARBER SHOP MALTA - Barber Shops Sliema - Balzan, Men's Haircuts Malta, Gents Barbers Malta, Men's Beard Styling Malta, Men's Grooming Salons Malta, Men's Wedding Grooming

ANTONIO'S BARBER SHOP MALTA - Barber Shops Sliema - Balzan, Men's Haircuts Malta, Gents Barbers Malta, Men's Beard Styling Malta, Men's Grooming Salons Malta, Men's Wedding Grooming


Following extensive training under a local barber, Antonio ran his own barber shop in Malta for a number of years, before emigrating to the UK and opening up a highly successful ‘high street’ barber shop in Leicester.

Bringing back with him a wealth of knowledge and experience on the latest hair styles. From time old traditional techniques in using the ancient art of shaving, to creating the latest chique hairstyles for the younger generation, Antonio guarantees an enjoyable experience every time.

Antonio’s Barber Shop moved to the new Quarters in Balzan to be in a traditional and stylish environment and together with his experienced and attentive barbers will welcome you as soon as you enter the door and take care of you until the moment you leave. It’s a straightforward experience that will make you feel manlier. Antonio believes that Barbering is an art and not just a haircut.

Additional services include Hot Towel Shaves with a traditional single-blade razor. We invite you to recline in one of the plush barber chair, start off with a hot towel around your face next a cleansing oil will be massaged in to clean out your pores. Another hot towel will be applied to your face and by then you feel nice and relaxed. Next, the barber will brush a warm lather into your beard and starts to shave. Your face is then cleaned and a cool towel is applied to your face to close the pores. To finish off, a final face massage including a post shave balm is applied. Every men should experience the pleasure of a great shave. Beard grooming is another speciality of ours. A men’s beard, or even the tiniest moustache, is a reflection of his character and values, and should be managed as such.

Whiskey, coffee and other drinks are served with a smile during your visit.

When you walk out you can’t help but feel a bit of manly swagger creep into your step and look forward to your next visit.


Welcome to Malta’s first Male Vanity Parlour. We provide an environment where clients are only Men, all you have to do is let go and enjoy your time with us.

Man of today are looking after their personal image more than ever, therefore you can rest assured that you are in the best hands, with our highly qualified beautician which has also worked at Harrods in London.

Our mission is to be the ultimate destination for Men’s grooming and skin care.

Our services include facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting and massage.

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CARISSIMA HAIR SALON MALTA , NAILS MALTA, & MAKEUP SALON - Hair Salons Malta, Hair Salons Birgu, Hair Salons Vittoriosa, Nail Salons Birgu, Nail Salons Vittoriosa, Makeup Birgu, Make Up Vittoriosa, Keratin & Brazilian Treatments Malta, Hair Extensions Malta

CARISSIMA HAIR SALON MALTA , NAILS MALTA, & MAKEUP SALON - Hair Salons Malta, Hair Salons Birgu, Hair Salons Vittoriosa, Nail Salons Birgu, Nail Salons Vittoriosa, Makeup Birgu, Make Up Vittoriosa, Keratin & Brazilian Treatments Malta, Hair Extensions Malta

Since opening her doors over 20 years ago, Sandra has been consistently providing high customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services, quality products and an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price.

Sandra has now recently moved to a more modern and high end salon changing her former salon name from Carina to Carissima Hair & Nails.

The salon can be found a few steps away from her previous location in a more convenient location that can be see from the popular Vittoriosa (Birgu) square.





Haircut - Starting from € 8.00

Cut + Blow dry - € 15.00

Blow dry - € 7.00



Haircut - Starting from € 8.00

Blow dry - Starting from € 10.00

Blow dry with Curls - € 15.00 to € 20.00

Cut + Blow dry - Starting from € 18.00



Roots only - € 20.00

Semi permanent colour - € 18.00

Colour change - Price upon consultation

Full Head colour - Starting from € 26.00

Highlights T-Section - € 32.00

Low/High Lights crown area - € 40.00

Low/High Lights full head - € 55.00 to € 60.00

Fashion Colour - € 35.00 to € 40.00

Ombre/Balayage - € 70 to € 120


EXTENSIONS – Price upon Consultation



Intensive Conditioning Treatment - € 10.00

Leave-in / 15 mins Nourishing Treatment - Starting from € 4.50

Keratin - Starting from € 75.00 to € 100.00

Perm (Short) - € 35.00

Perm (Long) - € 45.00

Botox (Short) - € 25.00

Botox (Long) - € 35.00

Men’s Straightening (Short) - € 30.00

Men’s Straightening (Long) - € 45.00



Upstyles - € 25.00 to € 35.00


WEDDINGS - Price upon Consultation



Colour + Cut + Blow dry - Starting from € 40.00

Colour + Blow dry – Starting from € 32.00

Intensive Conditioning Treatment + Cut + Blow dry - € 30.00




MAKE UP - € 20.00 (false eyelashes included)



Eyebrow Shaping - Starting from € 2.50

Upper Lip - € 2.50

Chin - € 3.00



Eyebrow / Eyelash Tinting - € 5.00



Dry Manicure (File & Polish) - € 5.00 (15 mins)

Dry Pedicure - € 6.00 (15 mins)

Manicure - € 15.00 (40 mins)

Pedicure - € 20.00 ( 40 mins)



Full set Gels - € 30.00

Infills - € 18.50

Gel Overlay (15 day no chip nail polish) - € 15.00

Manicure & application of Gel - € 30.00

Gel overlay on Toes - € 12.00

Removal of the 15 day - € 5.00


Manicure & application of nail polish - € 20.00

French nail polish application added - € 3.00


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ELIZIR HEALTH & BEAUTY CLINIC - Beauty Salons Malta, Beauty Therapist Mary Vella, Beauty Salons Naxxar, Laser Treatments Malta,

ELIZIR HEALTH & BEAUTY CLINIC - Beauty Salons Malta, Beauty Therapist Mary Vella, Beauty Salons Naxxar, Laser Treatments Malta,


Expertly run by Mary Vella, International Beauty Therapist, VTCT Assesor & Internal Verifier...


... this beauty salon offers a variety of treatments and services to choose from:


* Treatments & Services

Guinot, Mary Cohr, Dermalogica and Thalion Facials

Anti-aging & Non Surgical Lifting Treatments

Dermatude & Thread Lift

Manicures & Pedicures

Gel Nails

Eyelash & Brow Tints

Eyelash Curling

Waxing & Electrolysis 

Permanent Hair Removal

Epilast Laser for Hair Removal

SHR for all Hair Types and Hair colours

Skin Rejuvenation

Acne & Pigmentation

Slimming Treatments: Personalised Slimming Treatments

Algae Wraps

Techni Spa

Body Cavitation, Cryolipolysis Body Sculpting

Firming & Toning Treatments

Thalasso & Spa Therapies


Pantha Jama

La Stone

Thalisense Massages

Detox Programs

Chinese Cupping

Herbal Therapies

Thread Vein Removal

Chemical Peels

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Medical Nutritionist & Chinese Doctor in Attendance

Make-up for all Occasions & Air Brushing

Personal Make-up Workshops

Beauty Therapy Courses Leading to VCTC International Diplomas


* Air Brush Courses Starting Soon

Learn state-of-the–art skills and techniques in flawless long-lasting air-brush make-up… for day, evening, bridal, HDTV, high fashion and photography, tattoo coverage and fantasy looks.

* Medical Nutritionist, & Chinese Doctor in Attendance

This modern salon offers a comfortable ambience for all women who want to be professionally treated but also to relax and to be pampered by the therapists in attendance. Mary and her staff are more than willing to indulge all women to their exclusive treatments with the latest technology equipment. There are various reasons why women visit salons but mostly it is to look and feel better and Elizir Health & Beauty Clinic guarantees just that and more.

Mary Vella and her therapists solve a solution to many typical complaints.  Advice is also given on all products and their benefits. Other treatments, which this salon offers, are non-surgical face-lifts, a must for all ages and facials for a more effective treatment like anti-aging and toning.

For a radiant face and body, book now any treatment or just come over and feel the difference. Elizir provides courses that are given by Mary Vella herself who offers all kinds of advice on how to become one of the best beauty therapists just like her.


* Wedding Day Preparation

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life

Preparing the ultimate Wedding Day takes months of planning and effort.

Be sure to look beautiful and feel your best on your wedding day…

The first step to an assured wedding day resulting in total fulfillment is to write a plan, the second step is to stick to it!

A bride should look her definitive best on her wedding day. All eyes are automatically drawn to her to see what she is wearing and how she has been made up.

It is a must for her to radiate confidence and to look exceptional. To do this, a bride must prepare herself by setting up a beauty plan to accentuate her natural good looks and improve on those aspects that may need a little help.

The Bridal Gown

A bride’s dream dress is what she should wear. Some brides-to-be may need to loose a few inches or tone up to fit their ideal picture of their fantasy wedding. This weighty issue can seem to be a difficult task to accomplish, especially at such a stressful time.  The key can lie in treatments that assist in loosing excess fat and toning muscle, especially when you plan with a professional.  

The Bride’s Make-Up

Highlight the look with blemish free, soft glowing skin. If you have some facial problems that include acne, acne scars, dehydration or fine lines and wrinkles, there is a solution and it is the right time to have the best complexion to suit the occasion. Complementing your glowing complexion, the make-up choices you will make will complete your total look.  A professional make-up artist will choose make-up that will be both camera-ready and natural looking while adding a hint of your favourite colours.

The Ring

Don’t forget that your hands will also be the focus of attention when showing off your stunning new ring. A professional manicure and nourishing hand treatment will encourage you to show them off with pride.

Remember that preparing yourself to radiate and look your absolute best on your wedding day does not only take the few hours of the morning of your wedding day.  The key is not to leave it to the last minute as some of these problems do take some time to solve.

So do not wait!  Start your beauty regime now for one of the most important days of your life! For complete advice on wedding day beauty preparations or a free make-up trial call us now or just visit the salon.


* Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques

This qualification covers the main techniques used by beauty specialists concerned with treatments for the head, neck, hands & feet. These include make up, facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and depilation. Successfully completing this qualification enables the candidate to provide for all general beauty treatments in a safe and effective manner.


This qualification is suitable for those currently working in more limited areas of beauty, for those seeking employment in a major part of beauty industry and as a refresher course for returners to this field of employment. No prior experience is required, but students are recommended to have a level of general education comparable to GCE’s.


* Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards

This qualification covers health and safety, hygiene security in the work place and employment standards.

This qualification enables the candidate to:

Support health, safety 7 security in the workplace in regards to ensuring the safety of customers, oneself and colleagues in the workplace, the identification of potential hazards through risk assessment. Ensuring that support is given to employment standards involving professionalism, equality of treatment for customers, community involvement, hygienic practices, cost effectiveness, supporting protection from physical and  mental abuse and how the image of the workplace can be enhanced. This qualification is suitable for those working in a variety of roles where health, safety, security and employment standards are foremost.


* Diploma on Epilation

Epilation is the removal of superfluous hair by applying electrical current to the hair root.

This diploma incorporates epilation of the hair using diathermy, galvanic and blend techniques and non invasive methods that does not use a needle carrying electrical current. The critical aspect of this qualification are the application of stringent hygiene, health & safety requirements and the observance of strict rules relating to contra indications. Apart from the current health & safety legislation, there is a requirement for compliance with good hygiene practice, which incorporates the government guidelines originally issued by the public health service. As a result this diploma is suitable for treatment liability insurance. The qualification is suitable for those employed in beauty & others who wish to acquire expertise in epilation. Candidates are recommended to have a to have previous qualifications in the medical or beauty fields.


* Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

This qualification is suitable as a gateway for non medical physical therapies and as a re-enforcement to learning and confidence building for those taking skill qualifications, and for those progressing to further qualifications.

This diploma covers skeleton & joints, blood & lymphatic, muscles & nervous, digestive, excretory, respiratory, olfactory, endocrine, reproductive systems, Skin & hair. This diploma is a requisite for all holistic, sports and fitness therapies and massages.


* Diploma in Body Massage

The aspects of this qualification are to ensure that massage is provided safely and effectively to its intended purpose and having regard to its suitability in terms of the client’s physical condition.

This qualification requires an enhanced knowledge of anatomy & physiology and the use of Swedish, Shiatsu & acupressure techniques for relaxation, lymphatic drainage, posture improvement and stress relief.

This qualification is suitable for those employed in beauty therapy, health related services and for others who wish to acquire this particular expertise.


* Award in Healthy Eating and Well-Being

Non-medical nutritional advice is that commonly given by holistic, health and fitness therapists. Most clients seek nutritional advice below the level of medical concern. In this way, experience has shown that non – medical therapists can contribute to good health and support the Health Services.

This qualification is suitable for those employed in holistic, health and fitness therapies and others who wish to acquire knowledge of basic nutrition.

This diploma covers all aspects of the food groups and consultation skills with clients for nutritional advice.

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