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For an informal atmosphere accompanied by excellent traditional Maltese cuisine...


...there is only one place to visit,  Il-Barri Restaurant. Typical Maltese "Fenkata" (rabbit) dishes galore are the speciality of the house.

Il-Barri restaurant is located at Mgarr, right in the village square. The restaurant, being on three levels, lends itself well to different functions, which may include staff dinners, business lunches, and parties for special occasions, engagements, weddings and even conferences. Each dining space can be run independently from the other and therefore it is possible to offer privacy to our clients who want to use the restaurant for a particular function. The recently refurbished ground floors restaurant seats 80 people comfortably. On other floor the restaurant can take up to 120 persons in the spacious 1st floor hall, and another 80 persons in the rustic ambience of the floor below ground floor.

Il-Barri Restaurant has a vast a la carte menu with items varying from traditional Maltese dishes, a wide range of starters which one can find pasta with different sauces, soups, salads and others, various grills and fresh fish according to availability. Pizza is served in the evening. Our speciality is Fenkata amongst which is served in an earthware casserole dish. The rabbit can be served fried with garlic, in wine gravy or stewed. Other traditional dishes include beef olives (bragoli), horsemeat and quail.

At il-Barri you can enjoy the real pleasure of Maltese cuisine at its succulent best. Maltese food excellently cooked and served in a totally relaxed atmosphere… the true taste of tradition.

TA' L-INGLIZ - Restaurant in Mgarr Malta, Fenkata Malta, Maltese Cuisine Malta,

Ta' L-Ingliz is a 'local restaurant for local people' serving exceptional Maltese cuisine. Run by chef patron Godwin who takes care of all the cooking that goes on in the kitchen, and makes sure that authentic traditional dishes are served. The good food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and staff who are helpful and friendly make this well worth a trip to the quite village of Mgarr.

What's cooking? Traditional Maltese Dishes such as rabbit (Fenkata), horsemeat (Laham taz-Ziemel), quails (Summien) amongst others.

An ideal place for organizing group parties for all occasions.

TAC-CANTI RESTAURANT MENU - Restaurant in Mgarr Malta, Fenkata Malta, Maltese Cuisine Malta, Laham taz-Ziemel Malta

Tac-Canti is a friendly neighbourhood restaurant frequented by a regular clientele. Run by chef/patron Simon who takes care of all the cooking that goes on in the kitchen, and makes sure that authentic traditional dishes are served. The welcoming atmosphere is complemented by the amiable staff who are amore than happy to serve you traditional local dishes which are typical homely.

From the warm and delicious 'Kawlata' (vegetable soup) to a plate of exquisite 'Bebbux' (snails). A 'Fenkata' (whole rabbit meal) can be organized between friends or maybe some prefer the 'Laham taz-Ziemel' (Horse meat). There are also the 'Summien' (quails) and the 'amongst chicken, steaks and fish.

For a night out with family or friends, Tac-Canti is ideal, offering good food, local wine and reasonable prices.


The Mgarr War Shelter can be found under Il-Barri Restaurant. The Mgarr War Shelter is one of the largest underground locations of its kind in Malta reaching a depth of 12 metres and extending to an overall length of over 225 metres. Dug entirely by hand it has recently been restored and opened for public viewing.

Today the shelter provides a better understanding of the life led by the Maltese during the Second World War. Now we can relive their experience of descending into the depths of this underground maze to bear witness to the harsh reality of shelter life. See the weary and frightened families that spent hours in the hope that these humid walls would not become their permanent abode.

See where their children learnt their first and toughest lessons about life and the world in which they would grow up. Enter the silent rocky chambers that served as a home, a temple and a refuge for the people of Mgarr during the wrath of the enemy blitz during the Second World War. The Mgarr War Shelter is an experience we would want to relive today but a reminder of a life we would never want to return to.

UNITED RESTAURANT MGARR MALTA - Traditional Maltese Rabbit Malta, Mediterranean Cuisine Malta, Mgarr Football Club Malta,

Situated behind the Mgarr parish church, United Bar & Restaurant specialises in traditional Maltese rabbit and a variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

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